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Debut Author, Teacher and
Intuitive Counselor
Judith Kohnen announces
her long awaited novel
that will surely speak to
your soul. Highly praised by a Writer's Digest 2nd Draft Developmental Editor as "a talented
writer with a solid story" -
ONE CHANCE, ONE MOMENT was noted as being "engaging, funny, touching, and often full of
surprises and thrills"
and what is certain to be
"a story destined for attention."

A member of:
Romance Writers Of America
Virginia Romance Writers

Judith was recently interviewed by
EBOOK REVIEW GAL. Discover how
One Chance, One Moment came into being and her answers to frequently
asked author questions. Click HERE to read the interview.

Short-Short Stories and Poetry available to read on the "Books" Page!

Inspiring Fiction to Enlighten the Soul

The story behind the song - "Mandy"
a spunky, fun-loving woman who knows how
to make a difference in another person's life.

One Chance, One Moment is a special tribute to one of America's Top Adult Contemporary Chart Artists of all time - Barry Manilow, a man who has made a "difference" in many people's lives. In honor of his many dedicated years as a talented musician and singer, Judith presents One Chance, One Moment in commemoration of Barry's hit song "Mandy" - released as a single on October 7, 1974. Mandy is the inspirational source of Judith's main character, a spunky, fun-loving woman who knows how to make a difference in another's life too. Coming up on its 40th anniversary, Barry's "Mandy" (and Judith's) is
a reflection of who we all can be -
a "gift of love" to the world.
May One Chance, One Moment bring
joy and more hope to your life.

“A Feel Good Romance with
Suspenseful Thrills …
a love story that will capture the
romantic at heart while weaving
thrills throughout the plot –
creating ‘one’ thrilling read.”
- Allbooks Review International

“… a novel that is impossible to
put down. Fans of romance
will find themselves absolutely
riveted by the story as the suspense
and tension becomes as unbearable
for the readers as it is
for Garry and Mandy.”
- Book Reviewer List



Soon to be available in
bookstores & libraries!

One Chance, One Moment
Book One - The Mandy Story

by Judith Kohnen

A holistic nurse trying to escape her past and
secure her future as the adopted mother of a young boy she loves takes a well-paying job caring
for a famous singer/musician after a car wreck
nearly killed him. He refuses help, and she refuses
to give up – until her perseverance rehabilitates his body, his career, and their abilities to love again.

When purchasing
One Chance, One Moment,
20% of proceeds
will be donated to charity -

- a program that tends to
the needs of public schools
and their severely depleted
music programs!

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